News about FLEXI series

As you already know, we have marketed a new Flexi series of TEDOM CHP units. This series substitutes the Cento series CHP units, namely in the outputs from 260kW to 555kW. We prospectively take into account the substitution of the CHP units that are even lower in their outputs. The new Flexi conception will bring our customers more CHP unit configuration options and, once the production has run in, shorter delivery periods as well.
News about FLEXI series

“We have endeavoured to find a balanced compromise between the requirements for installation into boiler rooms and machine rooms and the requirements for the service availability of individual parts. Unification of the components brings a potential for savings in purchasing the parts while reducing the need of our service partners for the part types that are necessary for the service,“ comments Mr Tomáš Bičák, the Development Team Manager, regarding the advantages of the Flexi series.

Aside from the already manufactured prototype with an output of 530kW, three additional Flexi 350 and 530 CHP units are presently manufactured in the open module version and sound-enclosed versions. With these CHP units, we verify the internal collaboration between the Purchasing Department and the Production Department, the cost prices, and assembly methods. After testing and debugging of the control algorithms, these CHP units will be ready for tangible contracts.

Aside from this, we have the following documentation available for the Flexi CHP units which you can find in the partner section on the web or you can obtain this documentation from the relevant sales managers of TEDOM:
• CHP unit description
• Technical specifications
• Dimensional drawings
• P&ID diagrams
• Maintenance schedule

Our marketing Department has prepared these materials for you:
• 3D renders (on request, in case of need please feel free to mail to

We work intensively on further documents – they will be prepared during October:
• Price lists
• Handbook for designers
• Brochure

Our colleagues have also been gradually trained for the Flexi configurator so that they are capable of responding to all of your requests. The Flexi configuration logic is significantly different from the previous series and a good configurator handling is essential for the preparation of a commercial offer. We are considering offering webinars to you for Flexi configuration as well in the future.

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