to increase the efficiency of the CHP units

The heat and total efficiency of the CHP unit will increase as a result of the combination of the CHP unit with a heat pump. This increase is approximately 3% depending on the specific installation. The heat pump makes use of low-potential heat from the aftercooler circuit, which will be fully utilized due to the temperature increase. This solution will provide double profit: Elimination of the requirement to install an external aftercooler and further utilization of additional heat. Retrofitting a CHP unit with a heat pump is a convenient solution for all the applications where the highest heat efficiency matters, typically, in district heating systems.

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Main advantages

Rapid Return of Investment

Rapid Return of Investment

A heat pump does not have to be much more expensive than an external dry cooler. With similar investment costs, the CHP operator can therefore immediately benefit from higher heat revenues.
Low Demands for Space

Low Demands for Space

The utilized heat pumps are of very compact design, and more heat pumps can be connected in series when the CHP units are larger
Smooth Operation

Smooth Operation

Contrary to the external aftercooler, the heat pump can neither be seen nor heard since it is placed in a boiler room or, in the case of outdoor installations, inside the container module.

Examples of installations utilizing heat pumps

District heating in Vsetín

TEDOM Quanto 1000 + 1 heat pump

District heating in Sušice

TEDOM Cento 200 + 1 heat pump

District heating in Vrchlabí

TEDOM Quanto 1600 + 3 heat pumps

District heating in Ivančice

TEDOM Quanto 2000 + 4 heat pumps
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