“We put our hearts and our souls into our products. We are proud of the tradition of Czech engineering and we want to continue to develop it.
We do not intend to slacken our targets, thousands of installed TEDOM CHP units throughout the world are proof”

Modification of Diesel Engine to Gas Engine

Already in 1993, we started cooperating with the LIAZ engine plant in Jablonec nad Nisou on an adaptation of originally diesel engines to petrol engines running on gas in CHP units. This adaptation included the development of new cylinders; adaptation of cylinder heads for placement of spark plugs instead of injectors and many other things. The developed engine has become a foundation for our most successful units of the Cento series.

Energy Use of Landfill Gas

We run 22 energy sources on 16 waste landfills in the Czech Republic, thus generating more than 42 000 MWh of green electricity every year and reducing the CO2 emissions by more than 45,000 tonnes compared to the conventional way of electricity generation in the Czech Republic

CNG Engine

After the acquisition of Jablonec engine plant in 2003, we finished the development of an electronically driven engine for burning compressed natural gas. This engine is suitable especially for means of transport such as buses, trucks or railway wagons.


In 2004, we introduced a prototype of our own low-floor bus powered by compressed natural gas. In 2007, we began the production of these vehicles in series but we ended our efforts in 2011 and focused all our further efforts on the development of CHP units.

Distributed Power Plant

Since the early 1990s, we have devoted ourselves to running the CHP units as well as producing and developing them. To make our activity more efficient, we developed software capable of controlling centrally tens to hundreds of CHP units dispersed throughout the country. All of these dispersed cogeneration sources appear externally as one large power station, which is very reliable and whose electricity generation can be negotiated in the market in more favourable conditions than electricity from individual smaller sources.
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